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Sat Sep 3, 2011, 9:08 AM

So it's been a year (well, almost)...Sorry if whoever watches me has been impatiently waiting for something, anything, from me (though I'm sure there aren't many of you). So a lot's happened this past year. I got rejected from my first choice college (dick heads) and was accepted everywhere else I applied (at least a dozen; in your face Vanderbilt) except for two others that rejected me and two that wait-listed me ([the following explanation is for those of you who don't know the whole college application process] means that I was technically accepted, but they're not sure if they have room), and most of the schools offered me ridiculous amounts of money so I would go to their school. Of course I picked one of the school's that DIDN'T give me any money...but that's okay because I'm going to Mount Holyoke which is one of the oldest and best women's colleges in the U.S. and is the first and oldest of the Seven Sisters (basically the women's Ivy Leagues). And while the decision to go to a women's college was a complete surprise and about face for ME, I'm really happy with my decision.

Okay, on to art and writing and postings. I again apologize to anyone who actually really likes my work and has been waiting for me to update. So while yes, there was a large gap of time where I was being an absolute bum and doing nothing productive, I have been busy lately. I was in Italy at the beginning of the summer (around the end of June/beginning of July) with my church choir touring and that lasted about two weeks, then I was home for a week before going to Martha's Vineyard where I was a complete bum until the middle of August when I started taking riding lessons again (after a gap of about four years; my muscles were not happy with me) and then I returned home again for about a week during which I desperately (read: lazily) started gathering my clothes, shoes, books, supplies, and everything else necessary for college, along with a side of a photo shoot and dress hunting for the charity (i.e. debutante) ball in which I am a debutante this year (thankfully I've had my escort since mid-terms). So a lot's been going on and I haven't had much time for anything (the block of time between when I got home from Italy and the week I started riding lessons does not count; that was the only time I was allowed to be a complete lazy ass ALL SUMMER). But, I did start overhauling The Cavalry back in January, after going back, re-reading my own shit, and realizing that not only was the whole thing littered with impossibilities (living situations, the amount of money several characters made, how their educations are affected by the tour setting of the whole thing and vice versa, etc.), but it was also completely juvenile, unrealistic, and obviously written by a middle school student/high school freshman with many things that just don't make sense and don't actually occur in day to day life/the real world (again, LIVING SITUATIONS, age, the fact that a girl who is at least 21 has to get a signed permission form from her PARENTS before going on a year long trip with her boyfriend, the fact that said girl/woman will not be sharing hotel rooms with said boyfriend, the fact that I obviously did not [and probably still don't because I've led a spoiled and somewhat sheltered life so far, though my parents have desperately tried (and hopefully succeeded) to instill in me a sense of responsibility and an understanding of money]  understand how exactly NYC and the prices of apartments in all of the different parts of the city actually work, and on top of all that is the fact that is very unlikely that a band maybe two or three years old is selling out stadiums all over the country or that said band is so popular that it is already staring in it's own national tour, and I probably [read: certainly] do not understand how the mechanics of these big/giant/long ass band/solo artist tours work). So I went back and made some changes but I stopped again after realizing that I had AGAIN written fairly juvenile, unrealistic, and naive scenes. So I'm not sure if I'll be continuing The Cavalry/The Cavalry Redux; I'll probably keep the characters and use them in some other work because I actually like them, but, until I've actually lived in the real world and actually get an understanding on how the mechanics of being an adult that has to pay the rent, buy groceries, pay taxes, work a real job or do an internship (hopefully a PAID internship), and pay for and do all those little and/or very big odds and ends that you have to do as an adult that your parents will no longer do for you, it is unlikely that I will pick up the Cavalry again (and it's probably for the best because while I'm okay at writing the occasional poem that does not completely suck, I obviously can not write lyrics for songs). I have tentatively started a new project that will turn out better. And as for my art...I have no idea when I will be posting images of my latest piece, I actually have to pick up a pencil and sketchbook and I'm just to lazy to do it.

So...yeah, college is awesome (even though my classes have not started yet) and I recommend that any high school students who watch me and read my journal take the whole college application process very seriously because it is very important, probably in your best interest, and very influential (in a hopefully good way) on the rest of your life, and in the words of my dad (with a little revision) college is four (generally) amazing, terrifying, (and every other emotion that can be used as an adjective) experience that will stay with you your whole life and one that you will never experience again. So I say to those high school students who are scoffing at this whole process and are being idiots about their education and how it has a VERY BIG affect on the course that your life will take, get your heads out of your asses, start researching (if you are only a freshman or sophomore you can ignore this [though if you are a sophomore I'd start researching, especially around springtime]), do your school work, sign up for some extracurriculars, maybe get a job, listen to when your college guidance counselor gives you advice about where he or she thinks you should look, go visit the schools, and just do anything stupid like blowing off actually applying until the day of the application deadline. College is good, college is fun, college will give you lifelong friends, it will give you amazing opportunities that you never knew existed, it will give you the chance to make something of yourself, it will give you a support system that you can access decades after you graduate, it will give you job opportunities, and it will be critical in your path to discovering yourself. Just consider it seriously.

And now, my preaching is done. I will let you know if anything new and exciting happens.




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